De Bruyne: Extraordinary Napoli Performance


De Bruyne: Extraordinary Napoli Performance

Kevin De Bruyne admitted if the game Napoli is completely different from the teams that have been faced which he thinks has a quite different style.

The reason, dilaga the Napoli was already predicted to run with fierce, given the style of football both teams are rated very similar. And it was proven at Etihad Stadium early this morning.

In the game, the city successfully won with a thin score of 2-1. Where Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus brought the hosts ahead before Serie A’s representatives narrowed through Amadoi Diawara’s goal.

“This is the Champions League, they are the top Serie A team, so I know them and I have watched some matches because of Mertens, so I already know it will run very hard,” he told local media.

“We’re watching Shakhtar Donetsk too, it’s really different from playing against Stoke. They like to play football in the way we do, but I think we’ve overcome this well and I’m satisfied with our performance. “

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