De Bruyne Wants to Win the Trophy With City

De Bruyne Wants to Win the Trophy With City

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is ambitious to win the trophy with The Citizens

26-year-old player was brilliant appearance at the beginning of this season. He is one of the important players in the starting XI Pep Guardiola, with many men championing him as the best player in the Premier League this season.

Even so, for the player the collective success is much more important than the individual’s success, with him wanting to bring a lot of trophies to Etihad Stadium.

“I’m happy to win that, but I prefer to win it, when our team has won the title,” the Belgian told reporters.

“When I won [the best player title] in Germany, I feel very honored. But I am not happy, because at this moment we failed to win the championship in Germany. We only managed to finish second. ”

“After that, if you win the trophy, it will be a great confession. The meaning of that title will always be there, and it will prove that you have performed well. “

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