Klopp Beware of Manchester City

Klopp Beware of Manchester City

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp insists he is wary of Manchester City’s move.

He considers The Citizen now appear more aggressive than last season, and has brought some new players like Danilo, Kyle Walker and Benjamin Mendy.

The German manager is now considered City defense is more difficult to penetrate, because it is strengthened by Walker.

Although wary of the movement of City, Klopp felt confident Liverpool can be able to win at City, Etihad Stadium.

Klopp said “I have hopes of winning over City later.”

“This game is a big game. City is a very strong team. ”

“Moreover, they successfully bring some quality players.”

“For that I will not let City dominate the match later.”

And on September 9, 2017 later, in the continuation of Premier League competition, Liverpool will travel to the headquarters of City, Etihad Stadium.

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