Meet Barito, Persib Beware Rizky Pora

Meet Barito, Persib Beware Rizky Pora

Persib Bandung give special attention to captain Barito Putera, Rizky Pora when the two teams meet in a League 1 league fight continued at the Stadium Si Starling Harupat, Soreang, Bandung regency, Monday (9/10/2017).

Although reluctant to consider one eye of other players, but the figure of Rizky Pora regarded as a special player and can be a differentiator.

As evidence until the 27th week, the 27-year-old player managed to score 8 goals and 5 assists. That’s the most for the Barito team.

“Barito has Rizky Pora, he always makes the team so dangerous, I have a picture of yes build up their attacks continue their strength, the lack they already know.”

“We have also been evaluated so we are preparing for the exercises what we have to make against Barito, he also has additional new players sticker from Brazil (Willian Lira) but a bit have a picture we will do something,” he said on Friday (6/10 / 2017).

According to him, preparation for foster children to undergo the game has reached 80 percent, live maturation scheme in order to smooth the target of winning the game.

“We have entered the scheme opposite Barito what our anticipation and what we will do there have made alhamdulillah all players can understand, that is what we apply against Barito tomorrow,” he explained.

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