Memories of Van Der Sar at Juventus

Memories of Van Der Sar at Juventus

August 1, 2011, Edwin Van Der Sar was contracted by Fulham after playing for Juventus for 2 seasons Sbobet Casino.

The Dutchman moved from Ajax in 1999 with a salary of about 5 million Euros and became the first Bianconeri goalkeeper to come from outside Italy.

Van Der Sar is known as one of the world’s best goalkeepers, alongside former Ajax team midfielder Edgar Davids.

After all, the first season with Juve did not go well, and awarded the Scudetto to Lazio.

The second season went even worse. Vecchia Signora won their last five games, but still, the Scudetto fell into Rome’s hands that time.

The 46-year-old conceded a total of 19 goals in 31 appearances over at Juventus.

The last failure of Van Der Sar when holding back kick Nakata also resulted in the title of Serie A was released.

Severe decision, Juve bring goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon from Parma worth 52 million Euro. Not wanting to be a substitute, Van Der Sar chose to leave and join Fulham.

For 4 seasons at Craven Cottage, he played well and was bargained by Manchester United in 2005.

Under Sir Alex Ferguson, Van Der Sar won 4 Premier League and Champions League in 2008.

With a record of 27 major league champions during his career, Van Der Sar is remembered as one of the best keepers of his generation.

Probably not in Turin, where his fault at that time could pollute his career track.

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