MU, Cahill ask Chelsea to resume victory

MU, Cahill ask Chelsea to resume victory

Chelsea captain Gary Cahill has asked his team-mates to return to victory when they met Manchester United at Stamford Bridge on 4 November 2017.

“It’s easy to play soccer when everything is in good shape and you always win in every game.This is the best atmosphere.You will feel and think it will not make trouble when on the field,” said Cahill.

Chelsea had a negative period after a 2-1 victory over Atletico Madrid, at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano (27/09/2017). Eden Hazard and his comrades never won, for swallowing two defeats and a draw from three matches.

However, Chelsea are able to rise. After working hard, the Blues managed to win 4-2 over Watford, at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (21/10/2017).

“The hardest thing is when things are not going well, and you’re demanded to get the most out of them – the game against Manchester United will be one of them, and all the teams want to take advantage of the situation when you’re in a difficult moment.”

“Now we will play every game and build momentum in the right way.When able to win every game, you will soon be back to express yourself as usual, everything will go back to normal,” he said.

Before met Manchester United, Chelsea will first fight Everton in the fourth round of the English League Cup, at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday (25/10/2017).

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