Pulis: West Brom Still Need a New Face

Pulis: West Brom Still Need a New Face

West Bromwich Albion coach, Tony Pulis make sure still need at least four to five new players again.

Noted The new Baggies only added three additional ammunition such as Jay Rodriguez, Ahmed Hegazi and another Yuning Zhang which directly borrowed to Werder Bremen.

With so then he still badly need a quality recruitment. Despite the frustration with the transfer of players so far, but the 59-year-old tactician from Wales wants the club to remain patient.

“We have to be patient because we want to get players who are expected to level the team,”

“We need to bring four or five players in the team. This is very important. Everyone is waiting for it, not just the fans, coaches, everyone. It’s our own players, too.

“They are all waiting for a new face to come and we are now trying to get players and that’s what we did,” Tony Pulis told the media.

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