Wenger: Very Interesting If Barcelona Play in English Premier League

Wenger: Very Interesting If Barcelona Play in English Premier League

Arsenal’s Arsenal tactician Arsene Wenger has stated that he is supportive if Barcelona ahead of him will be in the Premier League, which will make it even more interesting.

The reason is now the uncertainty in Catalonia which continues to rumble after a referendum on independence the local government decided on Sunday night amid the violence in the region. So make the position of El Barca in La Liga will also be disrupted.

Some even predict Barca will one day leave La Liga, but the 67-year-old Arsene feels it will be suggested to invite Scottish duo clubs like Celtic and Rangers. So that Barca will first play in the Championship division which is now followed by 20 clubs.

“I will try to learn Catalan !,” Arsene Wenger told the media.

“If Barcelona want to join the Premier League, then of course all will be difficult for everyone including me. But they are not that easy to get away with.

“Of course this will be interesting and there will be incidents in club football sports because Barcelona is a very political club.

“I think it will be interesting to see how they will be if they will play in the Championship division. We have a lot of clubs here as much as 20 but if you want to add it to 24 then we have to invite the Scottish club before we invite the Spanish club. ”

While the result of chaos that occurred really harm Lionel Messi Cs when playing against Las Palmas where the audience was not attended. Despite the team made by Ernesto Valverde managed to win 3-0 where two goals through Messi and one other goal through Sergio Busquest. Where with perfect achievement it makes them remain as leaders of the standings by packing 16 points.

Meanwhile, if the official Barca out of La Liga it is certain that Real Madrid can still dominate to win the season’s faithful trophy. Despite getting threats from Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and also Villarreal.

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